[git] Use own username/password with git and bitbucket

I'm in a team of three; two are working locally, and I am working on the server.

My coworker set up the account, but gave me full privileges to the repository.

I set my username and email in git:

git config --global user.name "bozdoz"
git config --global user.email [email protected]

and they are identical to my username and email on bitbucket.org.

But when I pull or push to the repository it indicates their username in the prompt:

Password for 'https://[email protected]':

I was able to get a prompt for my password after trying to pull by indicating the URL with my username:

git pull https://[email protected]/path/repo.git

and it said up-to-date; and then when I pushed, it said no-fast-forward.

I read that I need to specify the branch, but I don't know how to do that in a push statement while I'm also specifying the repo URL:

git push https://[email protected]/path/repo.git

I am able to pull and push if my co-worker is around and can put his password in. But this is also listing him as the author of the push, and not me.

How can I pull and push to a repo branch as my own username?

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The answer is

I had to merge some of those good answers here! This works for me:

git remote set-url origin 'https://bitbucket.org/teamName/repo.git'

In the end, it will always prompt anyone who wants to pull from it

Well, it's part of BitBucket philosophy and workflow:

  • Repository may have only one user: owner
  • For ordinary accounts (end-user's) collaboration expect "fork-pull request" workflow

i.e you can't (in usual case) commit into foreign repo under own credentials.

You have two possible solutions:

  1. "Classic" BB-way: fork repo (get owned by you repository), make changes, send pull request to origin repo
  2. Create "Team", add user-accounts as members of team, make Team owner of repository - it this case for this "Shared central" repository every team memeber can push under own credentials - inspect thg repository and TortoiseHg Team, owner of this repository, as samples

I figured I should share my solution, since I wasn't able to find it anywhere, and only figured it out through trial and error.

I indeed was able to transfer ownership of the repository to a team on BitBucket.

Don't add the remote URL that BitBuckets suggests:

git remote add origin https://[email protected]/teamName/repo.git

Instead, add the remote URL without your username:

git remote add origin https://bitbucket.org/teamName/repo.git

This way, when you go to pull from or push to a repo, it prompts you for your username, then for your password: everyone on the team has access to it under their own credentials. This approach only works with teams on BitBucket, even though you can manage user permissions on single-owner repos.

For myself private repo, i use

[email protected]:username/blog.git


https://[email protected]/username/blog.git

The prompt:

Password for 'https://[email protected]':

suggests, that you are using https not ssh. SSH urls start with git@, for example:

[email protected]:beginninggit/alias.git

Even if you work alone, with a single repo that you own, the operation:

git push

will cause:

Password for 'https://[email protected]':

if the remote origin starts with https.

Check your remote with:

git remote -v

The remote depends on git clone. If you want to use ssh clone the repo using its ssh url, for example:

git clone [email protected]:user/repo.git

I suggest you to start with git push and git pull for your private repo.

If that works, you have two joices suggested by Lazy Badger:

  • Pull requests
  • Team work

Are you sure you aren't pushing over SSH? Maybe check the email associated with your SSH key in bitbucket if you have one.