[php] Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ldap_connect()

I get this error when using WAMP:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ldap_connect()

I have already edited the php.ini folder and enabled php_ldap.dll.

For some reason only some of the extensions show up in phpinfo() when I turn them on. I have restarted Apache and restarted my computer.

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The answer is

If you are a Windows user, this is a common error when you use XAMPP since LDAP is not enabled by default.

You can follow this steps to make sure LDAP works in your XAMPP:

  • [Your Drive]:\xampp\php\php.ini: In this file uncomment the following line:

  • Move the file: libsasl.dll, from [Your Drive]:\xampp\php to [Your Drive]:\xampp\apache\bin (Note: moving the file is needed only for XAMPP prior to version: 5.6.28)

  • Restart Apache.

  • You can now use functions of the LDAP Module!

If you use Linux:

For php5:

sudo apt-get install php5-ldap

For php7:

sudo apt-get install php7.0-ldap

If you are using the latest version of PHP you can do

sudo apt-get install php-ldap

running the above command should do the trick.

if for any reason it doesn't work check your php.ini configuration to enable ldap, remove the semicolon before extension=ldap to uncomment, save and restart Apache

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