youtube: link to display HD video by default


Is there a way to link a youtube video so that it plays automatically in HD?

I've tried several things (adding &hd=1, &vq=hd720) but none of them works

For example:

It starts always as 480p, it does not care apparently about the hd=1 parameter in the url

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~ Asked on 2014-01-01 11:42:30

The Best Answer is


via Is there a way to link someone to a YouTube Video in HD 1080p quality?

Yes there is:

options are:

default|none: vq=auto;
Code for auto: vq=auto;
Code for 2160p: vq=hd2160;
Code for 1440p: vq=hd1440;
Code for 1080p: vq=hd1080;
Code for 720p: vq=hd720;
Code for 480p: vq=large;
Code for 360p: vq=medium;
Code for 240p: vq=small;

As mentioned, you have to use the /embed/ or /v/ URL.

Note: Some copyrighted content doesn't support be played in this way

~ Answered on 2014-06-19 15:01:10


Nick Vogt at H3XED posted this syntax:

Take this link and replace the expression "VIDEOID" with the (shortened/shared) ID of the video.

Exapmple for ID: i3jNECZ3ybk looks like this: ... /v/i3jNECZ3ybk?version=3&vq=hd1080

What you get as a result is the standalone 1080p video but not in the Tube environment.

~ Answered on 2014-12-12 10:52:09

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