How do I cast a JSON Object to a TypeScript class?


I read a JSON object from a remote REST server. This JSON object has all the properties of a typescript class (by design). How do I cast that received JSON object to a type var?

I don't want to populate a typescript var (ie have a constructor that takes this JSON object). It's large and copying everything across sub-object by sub-object & property by property would take a lot of time.

Update: You can however cast it to a typescript interface!

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~ Asked on 2014-04-05 01:46:18

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You can't simple cast a plain-old-JavaScript result from an Ajax request into a prototypical JavaScript/TypeScript class instance. There are a number of techniques for doing it, and generally involve copying data. Unless you create an instance of the class, it won't have any methods or properties. It will remain a simple JavaScript object.

While if you only were dealing with data, you could just do a cast to an interface (as it's purely a compile time structure), this would require that you use a TypeScript class which uses the data instance and performs operations with that data.

Some examples of copying the data:

  1. Copying AJAX JSON object into existing Object
  2. Parse JSON String into a Particular Object Prototype in JavaScript

In essence, you'd just :

var d = new MyRichObject();

~ Answered on 2014-04-05 02:44:11


I had the same issue and I have found a library that does the job :

It works like this :

let jsonObject = response.json() as Object;
let fooInstance = plainToClass(Models.Foo, jsonObject);
return fooInstance;

It supports nested childs but you have to decorate your class's member.

~ Answered on 2016-10-14 11:39:44

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