[python] ipython notebook clear cell output in code

In a iPython notebook, I have a while loop that listens to a Serial port and print the received data in real time.

What I want to achieve to only show the latest received data (i.e only one line showing the most recent data. no scrolling in the cell output area)

What I need(i think) is to clear the old cell output when I receives new data, and then prints the new data. I am wondering how can I clear old data programmatically ?

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The answer is

You can use the IPython.display.clear_output to clear the output as mentioned in cel's answer. I would add that for me the best solution was to use this combination of parameters to print without any "shakiness" of the notebook:

from IPython.display import clear_output

for i in range(10):
    print(i, flush=True)

And in case you come here, like I did, looking to do the same thing for plots in a Julia notebook in Jupyter, using Plots, you can use:


so for a kind of animated plot of multiple runs

    if nrun==1  
      display(plot(x,y))         # first plot
      IJulia.clear_output(true)  # clear the window (as above)
      display(plot!(x,y))        # plot! overlays the plot

Without the clear_output call, all plots appear separately.

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