[android] How to change target build on Android project?

I currently have an Android project in Eclipse.

I created it with a target build of 1.5 (sdk 3).

Now I want to change it so that it has a minSdk of 3 and targetSdk of 8.

To do this I see that I must build against the newest SDK (2.2)

To do this in Eclipse I right click on my project, go to properties, click on Android and change the project build target to Android 2.2 and click apply and then ok.

However this appears to have no affect and when I try it again the target build is set back at Android 1.5.

Am I missing a step or something?

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The answer is

Right click the project and click "Properties". Then select "Android" from the tree on the left. You can then select the target version on the right.

(Note as per the popular comment below, make sure your properties, classpath and project files are writable otherwise it won't work)

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