[git] Git list of staged files

I staged a lot of files using git add, now I want to see all the files I have staged, without untracked files or changed but unstaged files.

How do I do that? When using git diff --cached I can see the changes of what I just staged. So then I tried using git status --cached but that --cached unfortunately doesn't work on git status.

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The answer is

The best way to do this is by running the command:

git diff --name-only --cached

When you check the manual you will likely find the following:

    Show only names of changed files.

And on the example part of the manual:

git diff --cached
    Changes between the index and your current HEAD.

Combined together you get the changes between the index and your current HEAD and Show only names of changed files.

Update: --staged is also available as an alias for --cached above in more recent git versions.

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