[python] Simple URL GET/POST function in Python

I can't seem to Google it, but I want a function that does this:

Accept 3 arguments (or more, whatever):

  • URL
  • a dictionary of params
  • POST or GET

Return me the results, and the response code.

Is there a snippet that does this?

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The answer is



Here's a few common ways to use it:

import requests
url = 'https://...'
payload = {'key1': 'value1', 'key2': 'value2'}

r = requests.get(url)

# GET with params in URL
r = requests.get(url, params=payload)

# POST with form-encoded data
r = requests.post(url, data=payload)

# POST with JSON 
import json
r = requests.post(url, data=json.dumps(payload))

# Response, status etc



>>> from httplib2 import Http
>>> from urllib import urlencode
>>> h = Http()
>>> data = dict(name="Joe", comment="A test comment")
>>> resp, content = h.request("http://bitworking.org/news/223/Meet-Ares", "POST", urlencode(data))
>>> resp
{'status': '200', 'transfer-encoding': 'chunked', 'vary': 'Accept-Encoding,User-Agent',
 'server': 'Apache', 'connection': 'close', 'date': 'Tue, 31 Jul 2007 15:29:52 GMT', 
 'content-type': 'text/html'}

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