[markdown] Is there a way to add a gif to a Markdown file?

I want to add this gif to a GitHub flavored markdown file. If it can't be done in GitHub, is it possible to do it in another version of markdown?

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The answer is

in addition to all answers above:

if you want to use a gif for your github repository README.md and don't want to address it from your root directory, it's not enough if you just copy the url of your browser, for example your browser URL is sth like:


but you should open your gif in your github account and right click on it and click copy image address or sth like that which is sth like this:


  1. have gif file.
  2. push gif file to your github repo
  3. click on that file on the github repo to get github address of the gif
  4. in your README file: ![alt-text](link)

example below: ![grab-landing-page](https://github.com/winnie1312/grab/blob/master/grab-landingpage-winnie.gif)

From the Markdown Cheatsheet:

You can add it to your repo and reference it with an image tag:

![alt text](https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/raw/master/src/common/images/icon48.png "Logo Title Text 1")

![alt text][logo]

[logo]: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/raw/master/src/common/images/icon48.png "Logo Title Text 2"

Inline-style: alt text

Reference-style: alt text

Alternatively you can use the url directly:


If you can provide your image in SVG format and if it is an icon and not a photo so it can be animated with SMIL animations, then it would be definitely the superior alternative to gif images (or even other formats).

SVG images, like other image files, could be used with either standard markup or HTML <img> element:

![image description](the_path_to/image.svg)
<img src="the_path_to/image.svg" width="128"/>

you can use ![ ](any link of image)

Also I would suggest to use https://stackedit.io/ for markdown formating and wring it is much easy than remembering all the markdown syntax

Giphy Gotcha

After following the 2 requirements listed above (must end in .gif and using the image syntax), if you are having trouble with a gif from giphy:

Be sure you have the correct giphy url! You can't just add .gif to the end of this one and have it work.

If you just copy the url from a browser, you will get something like:


You need to instead click on "Copy Link" and then grab the "GIF Link" specifically. Notice the correct one points to media.giphy.com instead of just giphy.com:


Upload from local:

  1. Add your .gif file to the root of Github repository and push the change.
  2. Go to README.md
  3. Add this ![Alt text](name-of-gif-file.gif) / ![](name-of-gif-file.gif)
  4. Commit and gif should be seen.

Show the gif using url:

  1. Go to README.md
  2. Add in this format ![Alt text](https://sample/url/name-of-gif-file.gif)
  3. Commit and gif should be seen.

Hope this helps.

just upload the .gif file into your base folder of GitHub and edit README.md just use this code


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