[oracle] HQL "is null" And "!= null" on an Oracle column

Does hibernate convert column != null in HQL to a column is null in SQL?

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The answer is

No. You have to use is null and is not null in HQL.

No. See also this link Handle conditional null in HQL for tips and tricks on how to handle comparisons with both null and non-null values.

If you do want to use null values with '=' or '<>' operators you may find the

answer from @egallardo hier

very useful.

Short example for '=': The expression

WHERE t.field = :param

you refactor like this

WHERE ((:param is null and t.field is null) or t.field = :param)

Now you can set the parameter param either to some non-null value or to null:

query.setParameter("param", "Hello World"); // Works
query.setParameter("param", null);          // Works also

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