[css] Override and reset CSS style: auto or none don't work

I would like to override following CSS styling defined for all tables:

table {
        font-size: 12px;
        width: 100%;
        min-width: 400px;

I have specific table with class called 'other'.
Finally table decoration should looks like:

table.other {
    font-size: 12px;

so i need remove 3 properties: width,min-width and display

I tried to reset with none or auto, but didn't help, I mean these cases:

table.other {
    width: auto;
    min-width: auto;
table.other {
    width: none;
    min-width: none;

This question is related to css width overriding

The answer is

Set min-width: inherit /* Reset the min-width */

Try this. It will work.

Well, display: none; will not display the table at all, try display: inline-block; with the width and min-width declarations remaining 'auto'.

"none" does not do what you assume it does. In order to "clear" a CSS property, you must set it back to its default, which is defined by the CSS standard. Thus you should look up the defaults in your favorite reference.

table.other {
    width: auto;
    min-width: 0;

The best way that I've found to revert a min-width setting is:

min-width: 0;
min-width: unset;

unset is in the spec, but some browsers (IE 10) do not respect it, so 0 is a good fallback in most cases. min-width: 0;

I ended up using Javascript to perfect everything.

My JS fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/QEpJH/612/


<div class="container">
    <img src="http://placekitten.com/240/300">

<h3 style="clear: both;">Full Size Image - For Reference</h3>
<img src="http://placekitten.com/240/300">


.container {




    var divH = $(this).height()
    var divW = $(this).width()
    var imgH = $(this).children("img").height();
    var imgW = $(this).children("img").width();

    if ( (imgW/imgH) < (divW/divH)) { 
        var newW = $(this).width();
        var newH = (newW/imgW) * imgH;
    } else {
        var newH = $(this).height();
        var newW = (newH/imgH) * imgW;

The default display property for a table is display:table;. The only other useful value is inline-table. All other display values are invalid for table elements.

There isn't an auto option to reset it to default, although if you're working in Javascript, you can set it to an empty string, which will do the trick.

width:auto; is valid, but isn't the default. The default width for a table is 100%, whereas width:auto; will make the element only take up as much width as it needs to.

min-width:auto; isn't allowed. If you set min-width, it must have a value, but setting it to zero is probably as good as resetting it to default.

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