[java] How to uninstall Eclipse?

I want to uninstall Eclipse version Mars 2, but it doesn't appear in the "Programs and Features" area of the Windows Control Panel. The installer has installed start menu shortcuts and other artifacts, so it's not just a matter of deleting the installation folder.

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The steps are very simple and it'll take just few mins. 1.Go to your C drive and in that go to the 'USER' section. 2.Under 'USER' section go to your 'name(e.g-'user1') and then find ".eclipse" folder and delete that folder 3.Along with that folder also delete "eclipse" folder and you can find that you're work has been done completely.

Right click on eclipse icon and click on open file location then delete the eclipse folder from drive(Save backup of your eclipse workspace if you want). Also delete eclipse icon. Thats it..

Look for an installation subdirectory, likely named eclipse. Under that subdirectory, if you see files like eclipse.ini, icon.xpm and subdirectories like plugins and dropins, remove the subdirectory parent (the one named eclipse).

That will remove your installation except for anything you've set up yourself (like workspaces, projects, etc.).

Hope this helps.

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How to uninstall Eclipse?

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How to uninstall Eclipse?