[c] Makefile to compile multiple C programs?

This is an incredibly simple question, but I'm new to makefiles. I am trying to make a makefile that will compile two independent programs:

    gcc -o prog1 program1.c

    gcc -o prog2 program2.c

All the examples online go into way more details than I need and are confusing! All I really want it to do is to run the two gcc lines. What am I doing wrong?

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The answer is

Do it like so

all: program1 program2

program1: program1.c
    gcc -o program1 program1.c

program2: program2.c
    gcc -o program2 program2.c

You said you don't want advanced stuff, but you could also shorten it like this based on some default rules.

all: program1 program2

program1: program1.c
program2: program2.c

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