[html] Inserting a blank table row with a smaller height

I have a table consisting of a header row and a couple of data rows. What I want to do is to create a blank row in between the header and the data rows, but I want this blank row to be smaller in height than the other rows (so that there isn't such a large gap).

How can I accomplish this?

My HTML mark-up code for the table is as follows:

<table class="action_table">
        <tr class="header_row">
            <td>Header Item</td>
            <td>Header Item 2</td>
            <td>Header Item 3</td>
        <tr class="blank_row">
            <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>
        <tr class="data_row">
            <td>Data Item</td>
            <td>Data Item 2</td>
            <td>Data Item 3</td>

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The answer is

I couldn't get anything to work until I tried this simple line:

<p style="margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0; line-height:.5"><br /></p>

which allows you to vary a filler line height to your hearts content (I was [probably MISusing Table to get three columns (boxes) of text which I then wanted to line up along the bottom)

I'm an amateur so would appreciate comments

Try this:

<td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" style="line-height:10px;" colspan=3>&nbsp;</td>

This one works for me:

<tr style="height: 15px;"/>

I wanted to achieve the same as asked in this question but accepted answer did not work for me in May, 2018 (maybe answer is too old or some other reason). I am using bootsrap 3.3.7 and ionic v1. You need to set line-height to do set height of specific row.

.blank_row {_x000D_
  line-height: 3px;_x000D_
<table class="action_table">_x000D_
    <tr class="header_row">_x000D_
      <td>Header Item</td>_x000D_
      <td>Header Item 2</td>_x000D_
      <td>Header Item 3</td>_x000D_
    <tr class="blank_row">_x000D_
      <td bgcolor="#000" colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>_x000D_
    <tr class="data_row">_x000D_
      <td>Data Item</td>_x000D_
      <td>Data Item 2</td>_x000D_
      <td>Data Item 3</td>_x000D_

I know this question already has an answer, but I found out an even simpler way of doing this.

Just add

<tr height = 20px></tr>

Into the table where you want to have an empty row. It works fine in my program and it's probably the quickest solution possible.

You don't need an extra table row to create space inside a table. See this jsFiddle.
(I made the gap light grey in colour, so you can see it, but you can change that to transparent.)

Using a table row just for display purposes is table abuse!

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