[javascript] Javascript / Chrome - How to copy an object from the webkit inspector as code

I am doing a console.log statement in my javascript in order to log a javascript object. I'm wondering if there's a way, once that's done - to copy that object as javascript code. What I'm trying to do is convert an object that was created using ajax to parse an xml feed into a static javascript object so that a file can run locally, without a server. I've included a screenshot of the object in the chrome inspector window so you can see what I'm trying to do.enter image description here

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The answer is

So,. I had this issue,. except I got [object object]

I'm sure you could do this with recursion but this worked for me:

Here is what I did in my console:

var object_that_is_not_shallow = $("all_obects_with_this_class_name");
var str = '';
    str += $(e).html();

Then paste into your editor.

This should help stringify deep objects by leaving out recursive Window and Node objects.

function stringifyObject(e) {
  const obj = {};
  for (let k in e) {
    obj[k] = e[k];

  return JSON.stringify(obj, (k, v) => {
    if (v instanceof Node) return 'Node';
    if (v instanceof Window) return 'Window';
    return v;
  }, ' ');

Try JSON.stringify(). Copy the resulting string. Does not work with objects containing circular references.

Right click on data which you want to store

  • Firstly, Right click on data which you want to store -> select "Store as global variable" And the new temp variable appear like bellow: (temp3 variable): New temp variable appear in console
  • Second use command copy(temp_variable_name) like picture: enter image description here After that, you can paste data to anywhere you want. hope useful/

Add this to your console and execute


This copies your JSON to clipboard

You can now accomplish this in Chrome by right clicking on the object and selecting "Store as Global Variable": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qALFiTlVWdg

enter image description here

You can copy an object to your clip board using copy(JSON.stringify(Object_Name)); in the console.

Eg:- Copy & Paste the below code in your console and press ENTER. Now, try to paste(CTRL+V for Windows or CMD+V for mac) it some where else and you will get {"name":"Daniel","age":25}

var profile = {
    name: "Daniel",
    age: 25


Using "Store as a Global Variable" works, but it only gets the final instance of the object, and not the moment the object is being logged (since you're likely wanting to compare changes to the object as they happen). To get the object at its exact point in time of being modified, I use this...

function logObject(object) {
    console.info(JSON.stringify(object).replace(/,/g, ",\n"));

Call it like so...


You may want to remove the .replace(/./g, ",\n") regex if your data happens to have comma's in it.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Output the object with console.log from your code, like so: console.log(myObject)
  2. Right click on the object and click "Store as Global Object". Chrome would print the name of the variable at this point. Let's assume it's called "temp1".
  3. In the console, type: JSON.stringify(temp1).
  4. At this point you will see the entire JSON object as a string that you can copy/paste.
  5. You can use online tools like http://www.jsoneditoronline.org/ to prettify your string at this point.

If you've sent the object over a request you can copy it from the Chrome -> Network tab.

Request Payload - > View Source

enter image description here

enter image description here

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