Jquery change <p> text programmatically


EDIT: The solution was to add this to the profile page instead of the gender page.

$('#profile').live( 'pageinit',function(event){


I have a paragraph with som text in a listview that I want to change programatically from another page after clikcing save.

EDIT: This is my listview in profile.html. When you click on the item you get to another page where you can save your gender. I want to change the paragraph in this listview to the gender that was changed from the other page.

<ul data-role="listview"   >
    <li><a href="gender.html">
        <img src="images/gender2.jpg" />
        <p id="pTest">Male</p>
    </a></li> </ul>

The gender html page is just basic stuff with two radio buttons and a save button. Here is my javascript code(in a seperate file):

$('#gender').live('pageinit', function(event) {

    var gender = localStorage.getItem('gender');
    var boolMale = true;
    if (gender == "female") boolMale = false;

    $('#saveGenderButton').click(function() {
        if ($('#radio-choice-male').is(':checked'))
            localStorage.setItem('gender', "male");
        else localStorage.setItem('gender', "female");

        $('#pTest').html('test'); //does not work
         //$('p#pTest').text('test'); //does not work
         //$('#pTest').text('test'); //does not work

I have tried this with javascript: $('p#pTest').text('test');

The text does not change however. (I know that the save button works). Is this possible?

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~ Asked on 2012-05-07 17:00:03

The Best Answer is


Try the following, note that when user refreshes the page, the value is "Male" again, data should be stored on database.

<p id="pTest">Male</p>



~ Answered on 2012-05-07 17:02:42


It seems you have the click event wrapped around a custom event name "pageinit", are you sure you're triggered the event before you click the button?

something like this:


~ Answered on 2012-05-07 17:26:03

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