[sql] Delete empty rows

I use PostgreSQL database and in one table I have the datetime column edit_user. Some rows are blank, and these rows I would like to delete.

I tried

DELETE FROM table WHERE edit_user="";

but I got the error

LINE 1: delete from table where edit_user="";

Also, I thought in the column as a blank value could be 0000-00-00, but there isn't.

How I should execute this command correctly?

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The answer is

I believe that your problem is that you're checking for an empty string using double quotes instead of single quotes. Try just changing to:

DELETE FROM table WHERE edit_user=''

If you are trying to delete empty spaces , try using ='' instead of is null. Hence , if your row contains empty spaces , is null will not capture those records. Empty space is not null and null is not empty space.

Dec  Hex     Binary    Char-acter Description
0    00  00000000      NUL        null

32  20  00100000      Space       space

So I recommend:

delete  from foo_table  where bar = ''


delete  from foo_table  where bar = '' or bar is null 

#or even better , 

delete from foo_table where rtrim(ltrim(isnull(bar,'')))='';

To delete rows empty in table


DELETE FROM table_name 
WHERE column_name IS NULL;


Table name: data ---> column name: pkdno


Answer: 5 rows deleted. (sayso)