[ansible] Ansible Ignore errors in tasks and fail at end of the playbook if any tasks had errors

I am learning Ansible. I have a playbook to clean up resources, and I want the playbook to ignore every error and keep going on till the end , and then fail at the end if there were errors.

I can ignore errors with

  ignore_errors: yes

If it was one task, I could do something like ( from ansible error catching)

- name: this command prints FAILED when it fails
  command: /usr/bin/example-command -x -y -z
  register: command_result
  ignore_errors: True

- name: fail the play if the previous command did not succeed
  fail: msg="the command failed"
  when: "'FAILED' in command_result.stderr"

How do I fail at the end ? I have several tasks, what would my "When" condition be?

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The answer is

You can wrap all tasks which can fail in block, and use ignore_errors: yes with that block.

  - name: ls
    command: ls -la
  - name: pwd
    command: pwd

  - block:
    - name: ls non-existing txt file
      command: ls -la no_file.txt
    - name: ls non-existing pic
      command: ls -la no_pic.jpg
    ignore_errors: yes 

Read more about error handling in blocks here.

Fail module works great! Thanks.

I had to define my fact before checking it, otherwise I'd get an undefined variable error.

And I had issues when doing setting the fact with quotes and without spaces.

This worked:

set_fact: flag="failed"

This threw errors:

set_fact: flag = failed