[apache] How to change XAMPP apache server port?

This is my Apache httpd.conf settings :

Listen 8012
ServerName localhost:8012

Every time I start Apache via XAMPP I see this message:

Status Check OK
Apache Started [Port 80]

Anybody, please help me can I change any other settings ?

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The answer is

Have you tried to access your page by typing "http://localhost:8012" (after restarting the apache)?

The best solution is to reconfigure the XAMPP Apache server to listen and use different port numbers. Here is how you do it:

1) First, you need to open the Apache “httpd.conf” file and configure it to use/listen on a new port no. To open httpd.conf file, click the “Config” button next to Apache “Start” and “Admin” buttons. In the popup menu that opens, click and open httpd.conf

2) Within the httpd.conf file search for “listen”. You’ll find two rows with something like:

Listen 80

Change the port no to a port no. of your choice (e.g. port 1234) like below

Listen 1234

3) Next, in the same httpd.conf file look for “ServerName localhost:” Set it to the new port no.

ServerName localhost:1234

4) Save and close the httpd.conf file.

5) Now click the Apache config button again and open the “httpd-ssl.conf” file.

6) In the httpd-ssl.conf file, look for “Listen” again. You may find:

Listen 443

Change it to listen on a new port no of your choice. Say like:

Listen 1443

7) In the same httpd-ssl.conf file find another line that says <VirtualHost _default_:443>. Change this to your new port no. (like 1443)

8) Also in the same httpd-ssl.conf you can find another line defining the port no. For that look for “ServerName”. you might find something like:

ServerName www.example.com:443 or  ServerName localhost:433

Change this ServerName to your new port no.

8) Save and close the httpd-ssl.conf file.

9) Finally, there’s just one more place you should change the port no. For that, click and open the “Config” button of your XAMPP Control Panel. Then click the, “Service and Port Settings” button. Within it, click the “Apache” tab and enter and save the new port nos in the “main port” and “SSL port” boxes. Click save and close the config boxes.

That should do the trick. Now “Start” Apache and if everything goes well, your Apache server should start up.

You will also see the Apache Port/s no in the XAMPP control panel has change to the new port IDs you set.

If the XAMPP server is running for the moment, stop XAMPP server.

Follow these steps to change the port number.

Open the file in following location.

[XAMPP Installation Folder]/apache/conf/httpd.conf

Open the httpd.conf file and search for the String:

Listen 80

This is the port number used by XAMMP.

Then search for the string ServerName and update the Port Number which you entered earlier for Listen

Now save and re-start XAMPP server.

if don't work above port id then change it.like 8082,8080 Restart xammp,Start apache server,Check it.It's now working.

I had problem too. I switced Port but couldn't start on 8012.

Skype was involved becouse it had the same port - 80. And it couldn't let apache change it's port.

So just restart computer and Before turning on any other programs Open xampp first change port let's say from 80 to 8000 or 8012 on these lines in httpd.conf

Listen 80
ServerName localhost:80

Restart xampp, Start apache, check localhost.