[android] Android: Background Image Size (in Pixel) which Support All Devices

I am creating an Application which will run on all Android Devices. I want to create xhdpi Graphics for My App. My App is full screen. I am confused in Creating graphics. can any one tell me the best sizes of my background image in pixels.

For Example:

  • xhdpi: 720x1280 px
  • hdpi: 480x800 px
  • mdpi: 320x480 px
  • ldpi: 240x320 px

Suggest me the best sizes which will appear on all devices good. Because my graphics are the core of my app.

I want that every device get the best image which it want. Android will be not involved in compressing or expanding of image.

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The answer is

The following are the best dimensions for the app to run in all devices. For understanding multiple supporting screens you have to read http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html

xxxhdpi: 1280x1920 px
xxhdpi: 960x1600 px
xhdpi: 640x960 px
hdpi: 480x800 px
mdpi: 320x480 px
ldpi: 240x320 px

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