[python] Test if numpy array contains only zeros

We initialize a numpy array with zeros as bellow:


But how do we check whether all elements in a given n*n numpy array matrix is zero.
The method just need to return a True if all the values are indeed zero.

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The answer is

The other answers posted here will work, but the clearest and most efficient function to use is numpy.any():

>>> all_zeros = not np.any(a)


>>> all_zeros = not a.any()
  • This is preferred over numpy.all(a==0) because it uses less RAM. (It does not require the temporary array created by the a==0 term.)
  • Also, it is faster than numpy.count_nonzero(a) because it can return immediately when the first nonzero element has been found.
    • Edit: As @Rachel pointed out in the comments, np.any() no longer uses "short-circuit" logic, so you won't see a speed benefit for small arrays.

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