[javascript] lodash multi-column sortBy descending

There's a nifty method to sort an array of objects based on several properties:

var data = _.sortBy(array_of_objects, ['type', 'name']);

However that is only for ascending sorting. Is there some handy way of defining direction per column? E.g.

var data = _.sortBy(array_of_objects, [{'type': 'asc'}, {'name': 'desc'}]);

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The answer is

As of lodash 3.5.0 you can use sortByOrder (renamed orderBy in v4.3.0):

var data = _.sortByOrder(array_of_objects, ['type','name'], [true, false]);

Since version 3.10.0 you can even use standard semantics for ordering (asc, desc):

var data = _.sortByOrder(array_of_objects, ['type','name'], ['asc', 'desc']);

In version 4 of lodash this method has been renamed orderBy:

var data = _.orderBy(array_of_objects, ['type','name'], ['asc', 'desc']);

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