[swift] How can I make a button have a rounded border in Swift?

I'm building an app using swift in the latest version of Xcode 6, and would like to know how I can modify my button so that it can have a rounded border that I could adjust myself if needed. Once that's done, how can I change the color of the border itself without adding a background to it? In other words I want a slightly rounded button with no background, only a 1pt border of a certain color.

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The answer is

Use button.layer.cornerRadius, button.layer.borderColor and button.layer.borderWidth. Note that borderColor requires a CGColor, so you could say (Swift 3/4):

button.backgroundColor = .clear
button.layer.cornerRadius = 5
button.layer.borderWidth = 1
button.layer.borderColor = UIColor.black.cgColor

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