[sql-server] How do you specify a different port number in SQL Management Studio?

I am trying to connect to a Microsoft SQL 2005 server which is not on port 1433. How do I indicate a different port number when connecting to the server using SQL Management Studio?

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The answer is,6283

Add a comma between the ip and port

If you're connecting to a named instance and UDP is not available when connecting to it, then you may need to specify the protocol as well.

Example: tcp:\SQL2K5,1443

Another way is to setup an alias in Config Manager. Then simply type that alias name when you want to connect. This makes it much easier and is more prefereable when you have to manage several servers/instances and/or servers on multiple ports and/or multiple protocols. Give them friendly names and it becomes much easier to remember them.

You'll need the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Go to Sql Native Client Configuration, Select Client Protocols, Right Click on TCP/IP and set your default port there.

Using the client manager affects all connections or sets a client machine specific alias.

Use the comma as above: this can be used in an app.config too

It's probably needed if you have firewalls between you and the server too...

On Windows plattform with server execute command:

netstat -a -b

look for sql server processes and find port f.e 49198

Or easier. Connect with dbvisualizer, run netstat -a -b find dbvis.exe process and get port.

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