How to change workspace and build record Root Directory on Jenkins?


I would like Jenkins' data to be written to drive "E:" since this is the large drive on the server. Jenkins itself is installed on "C:".

How do I do that?

The default configuration that I saw is:

Workspace Root Directory: ${ITEM_ROOTDIR}/workspace
Build Record Root Directory: ${ITEM_ROOTDIR}/builds

Will the following changes help me achieve what I need?

Workspace Root Directory: E:/Jenkins/workspace
Build Record Root Directory: E:/Jenkins/builds/${ITEM_FULL_NAME}

In addition, what does "${ITEM_FULL_NAME}" mean?

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~ Asked on 2016-01-18 12:05:09

The Best Answer is


I figured it out. In order to save your Jenkins data on other drive you'll need to do the following:

Workspace Root Directory: E:\Jenkins\${ITEM_FULL_NAME}\workspace
Build Record Root Directory: E:\Jenkins\${ITEM_FULL_NAME}\builds

Change Directory

~ Answered on 2016-01-21 08:18:29


You can modify the path on the config.xml file in the default directory

<projectNamingStrategy class="jenkins.model.ProjectNamingStrategy$DefaultProjectNamingStrategy"/>

~ Answered on 2018-07-18 06:17:46

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