[javascript] Uppercase first letter of variable

I have searched over the web can can't find anything to help me. I want to make the first letter of each word upper case within a variable.

So far i have tried:


And had no luck, as it uppercases all letters.

This question is related to javascript jquery

The answer is

Building on @peter-olson's answer, I took a more object oriented approach without jQuery:

String.prototype.ucwords = function() {
    return this.toLowerCase().replace(/\b[a-z]/g, function(letter) {
        return letter.toUpperCase();

alert("hello world".ucwords()); //Displays "Hello World"

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/LzaYH/1/

To do this, you don't really even need Javascript if you're going to use

$('#test').css('text-transform', 'capitalize');

Why not do this as CSS like

#test,h1,h2,h3 { text-transform: capitalize; }

or do it as a class and apply that class to wherever you need it

.ucwords { text-transform: capitalize; }

Easiest Way to uppercase first letter in JS

var string = "made in india";

string =string .toLowerCase().replace(/\b[a-z]/g, function(letter){return  letter.toUpperCase();});

alert(string );

Result: "Made In India"

I have used this code -

function ucword(str){
    str = str.toLowerCase().replace(/(^([a-zA-Z\p{M}]))|([ -][a-zA-Z\p{M}])/g, function(replace_latter) { 
        return replace_latter.toUpperCase();
    });  //Can use also /\b[a-z]/g
    return str;  //First letter capital in each word

var uc = ucword("good morning. how are you?");

var mystring = "hello World"
mystring = mystring.substring(0,1).toUpperCase() + 

console.log(mystring) //gives you Hello World

Much easier way:

$('#test').css('textTransform', 'capitalize');

I have to give @Dementic some credit for leading me down the right path. Far simpler than whatever you guys are proposing.

Based completely on @Dementric 's answer, this solution is ready to call with a simple jQuery method, 'ucwords'... Thanks to everyone who contributed here!!!

ucwords : function(str) {
    strVal = '';
    str = str.split(' ');
    for (var chr = 0; chr < str.length; chr++) {
        strVal += str[chr].substring(0, 1).toUpperCase() + str[chr].substring(1, str[chr].length) + ' '
    return strVal


EXAMPLE: This can be called using the method

var string = "this is a test";
string = $.ucwords(string); // Returns "This Is A Test"

You can try this simple code with the features of ucwords in PHP.

function ucWords(text) {
    return text.split(' ').map((txt) => (txt.substring(0, 1).toUpperCase() + txt.substring(1, txt.length))).join(' ');
ucWords('hello WORLD');

It will keep the Upper Cases unchanged.

You can use text-transform: capitalize; for this work -


<input type="text" style="text-transform: capitalize;" />

JQuery -

$(document).ready(function (){
   var asdf = "WERTY UIOP";

Try This

Note: It's only change visual representation of the string. If you alert this string it's always show original value of the string.

Ever heard of substr() ?

For a starter :



Thanks to @FelixKling for the tip:

$("#test").text(function(i, text) {
    return text.substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + text.substr(1);

http://phpjs.org/functions/ucwords:569 has a good example

function ucwords (str) {
    return (str + '').replace(/^([a-z])|\s+([a-z])/g, function ($1) {
        return $1.toUpperCase();

(omitted function comment from source for brevity. please see linked source for details)

EDIT: Please note that this function uppercases the first letter of each word (as your question asks) and not just the first letter of a string (as your question title asks)

var country= $('#country').val();

var con=country[0].toUpperCase();

ctr= country.replace(country[0], con);

no need to create any function just jugaaar

Here is unicode-safe ucwords() function, which additionally respects double-lastnames like Russian ????-?????? and some noble names like Honoré de Balzac, d'Artagnan, Vincent van Gogh, Otto von Bismarck, Sulayman ibn Dawud, etc:

String.prototype.ucwords = function() {
  return this.toLowerCase()
    .replace(/(^|\s|\-)[^\s$]/g, function(m) {
       return m.toUpperCase();
    // French, Arabic and some noble names...
    .replace(/\s(Of|De|Van|Von|Ibn|??|???|???|???)\s/g, function(m) { // Honoré de Balzac, Vincent van Gogh, Otto von Bismarck, Sulayman ibn Dawud etc.
       return m.toLowerCase();
    .replace(/(^|\s)(D|?)(['’][^\s$])/g, function(m, p1, p2, p3) { // D'Artagnan or d'Artagnan / ?’???????? ??? ?’????????
       return p1 + (p1 === "" ? p2/*.toUpperCase()*/ : p2.toLowerCase()) + p3.toUpperCase();

Simplest way

let str="hiren raiyani"
str.toLowerCase().replace(/(?<= )[^\s]|^./g, a => a.toUpperCase());

user-defined function:

function capitalize(str){
 return str.toLowerCase().replace(/(?<= )[^\s]|^./g, a => a.toUpperCase());

output: Hiren Raiyani

Use code as your user-defined function or direct

It is as simple as the following:

string = 'test';
newString = string[0].toUpperCase() + string.slice(1);

         str = str.replace(_x000D_
            function (a, w1, w2) {_x000D_
                            return w1 + w2.toLowerCase();_x000D_

var ar = 'foo bar spam egg'.split(/\W/);
for(var i=0; i<ar.length; i++) {
  ar[i] = ar[i].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + ar[i].substr(1,ar[i].length-1) 
ar.join(' '); // Foo Bar Spam Egg

Without JQuery

String.prototype.ucwords = function() {
    str = this.trim();
    return str.replace(/(^([a-zA-Z\p{M}]))|([ -][a-zA-Z\p{M}])/g, function(s){
        return s.toUpperCase();

console.log('hello world'.ucwords()); // Display Hello World

The string to lower before Capitalizing the first letter.

(Both use Jquery syntax)

function CapitaliseFirstLetter(elementId) {
    var txt = $("#" + elementId).val().toLowerCase();
    $("#" + elementId).val(txt.replace(/^(.)|\s(.)/g, function($1) {
    return $1.toUpperCase(); }));

In addition a function to Capitalise the WHOLE string:

function CapitaliseAllText(elementId) {
     var txt = $("#" + elementId).val();
     $("#" + elementId).val(txt.toUpperCase());

Syntax to use on a textbox's click event:

onClick="CapitaliseFirstLetter('TextId'); return false"

just wanted to add a pure javascript solution ( no JQuery )

function capitalize(str) {_x000D_
  strVal = '';_x000D_
  str = str.split(' ');_x000D_
  for (var chr = 0; chr < str.length; chr++) {_x000D_
    strVal += str[chr].substring(0, 1).toUpperCase() + str[chr].substring(1, str[chr].length) + ' '_x000D_
  return strVal_x000D_
console.log(capitalize('hello world'));


<input class="capitalize" name="Address" type="text" value="" />

Javascript with jQuery:

$(".capitalize").bind("keyup change", function (e) {
        if ($(this).val().length == 1)
        $(this).val($(this).val().toLowerCase().replace(/\s[\p{L}a-z]/g, function (letter) {
            return letter.toUpperCase();

I imagine you could use substring() and toUpperCase() to pull out the first character, uppercase it, and then replace the first character of your string with the result.

myString = "cheeseburger";
firstChar = myString.substring( 0, 1 ); // == "c"
tail = myString.substring( 1 ); // == "heeseburger"
myString = firstChar + tail; // myString == "Cheeseburger"

I think that should work for you. Another thing to consider is that if this data is being displayed, you can add a class to its container that has the CSS property "text-transform: capitalize".