[twitter-bootstrap] Missing visible-** and hidden-** in Bootstrap v4

In Bootstrap v3 I often use the hidden-** classes combined with clearfix to control multi column layouts at different screen widths. For example,

I could combine multiple hidden-** in one DIV to make my multi columns appear correctly at different screen widths.

As an example if I wanted to display rows of product photos, 4 per row on larger screen sizes, 3 on smaller screens, then 2 on very small screens. The product photos might be different heights so I need the clearfix to ensure the row breaks properly.

Here's an example in v3...


Now that v4 has done away with these classes, and replaced them with the visible/hidden-**-up/down classes I seem to have to do the same thing with multiple DIVs instead.

Here's a similar example in v4...


So I've gone from single DIVs to having to add multiple DIVs with lots of up/down classes to achieve the same thing.


<div class="clearfix visible-xs-block visible-sm-block"></div>


<div class="clearfix hidden-sm-up"></div>
<div class="clearfix hidden-md-up hidden-xs-down"></div>
<div class="clearfix hidden-md-down"></div>

Is there a better way of doing this in v4 that I have overlooked?

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The answer is

Update for Bootstrap 5 (2020)

Bootstrap 5 (currently alpha) has a new xxl breakpoint. Therefore display classes have a new tier to support this:

Hidden only on xxl: d-xxl-none
Visible only on xxl: d-none d-xxl-block

Bootstrap 4 (2018)

The hidden-* and visible-* classes no longer exist in Bootstrap 4. If you want to hide an element on specific tiers or breakpoints in Bootstrap 4, use the d-* display classes accordingly.

Remember that extra-small/mobile (formerly xs) is the default (implied) breakpoint, unless overridden by a larger breakpoint. Therefore, the -xs infix no longer exists in Bootstrap 4.

Show/hide for breakpoint and down:

  • hidden-xs-down (hidden-xs) = d-none d-sm-block
  • hidden-sm-down (hidden-sm hidden-xs) = d-none d-md-block
  • hidden-md-down (hidden-md hidden-sm hidden-xs) = d-none d-lg-block
  • hidden-lg-down = d-none d-xl-block
  • hidden-xl-down (n/a 3.x) = d-none (same as hidden)

Show/hide for breakpoint and up:

  • hidden-xs-up = d-none (same as hidden)
  • hidden-sm-up = d-sm-none
  • hidden-md-up = d-md-none
  • hidden-lg-up = d-lg-none
  • hidden-xl-up (n/a 3.x) = d-xl-none

Show/hide only for a single breakpoint:

  • hidden-xs (only) = d-none d-sm-block (same as hidden-xs-down)
  • hidden-sm (only) = d-block d-sm-none d-md-block
  • hidden-md (only) = d-block d-md-none d-lg-block
  • hidden-lg (only) = d-block d-lg-none d-xl-block
  • hidden-xl (n/a 3.x) = d-block d-xl-none
  • visible-xs (only) = d-block d-sm-none
  • visible-sm (only) = d-none d-sm-block d-md-none
  • visible-md (only) = d-none d-md-block d-lg-none
  • visible-lg (only) = d-none d-lg-block d-xl-none
  • visible-xl (n/a 3.x) = d-none d-xl-block

Demo of the responsive display classes in Bootstrap 4

Also, note that d-*-block can be replaced with d-*-inline, d-*-flex, d-*-table-cell, d-*-table etc.. depending on the display type of the element. Read more on the display classes

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