[string] How do I make a new line in swift

Is there a way to have a way to make a new line in swift like "\n" for java?

var example: String = "Hello World \n This is a new line"

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The answer is

You can use the following code;

var example: String = "Hello World \r\n This is a new line"

Also useful:

let multiLineString = """
                  Line One
                  Line Two
                  Line Three
  • Makes the code read more understandable
  • Allows copy pasting

"\n" is not working everywhere!

For example in email, it adds the exact "\n" into the text instead of a new line if you use it in the custom keyboard like: textDocumentProxy.insertText("\n")

There are another newLine characters available but I can't just simply paste them here (Because they make a new lines).

using this extension:

extension CharacterSet {
    var allCharacters: [Character] {
        var result: [Character] = []
        for plane: UInt8 in 0...16 where self.hasMember(inPlane: plane) {
            for unicode in UInt32(plane) << 16 ..< UInt32(plane + 1) << 16 {
                if let uniChar = UnicodeScalar(unicode), self.contains(uniChar) {
        return result

you can access all characters in any CharacterSet. There is a character set called newlines. Use one of them to fulfill your requirements:

let newlines = CharacterSet.newlines.allCharacters
for newLine in newlines {
    print("Hello World \(newLine) This is a new line")

Then store the one you tested and worked everywhere and use it anywhere. Note that you can't relay on the index of the character set. It may change.

But most of the times "\n" just works as expected.

You can do this

textView.text = "Name: \(string1) \n" + "Phone Number: \(string2)"

The output will be

Name: output of string1 Phone Number: output of string2