[css] CSS for grabbing cursors (drag & drop)

I have a JavaScript webapp where the user needs to grab the background to move the whole screen around. So I want the cursor to change when they're hovering over the background. The -moz-grab and -moz-grabbing CSS cursors are ideal for this. Of course, they only work in Firefox... are there equivalent cursors for other browsers? Do I have to do something a little more custom than standard CSS cursors?

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The answer is

In case anyone else stumbles across this question, this is probably what you were looking for:

.grabbable {
    cursor: move; /* fallback if grab cursor is unsupported */
    cursor: grab;
    cursor: -moz-grab;
    cursor: -webkit-grab;

 /* (Optional) Apply a "closed-hand" cursor during drag operation. */
.grabbable:active {
    cursor: grabbing;
    cursor: -moz-grabbing;
    cursor: -webkit-grabbing;

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