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You have to use the component's State to update component parameters such as Class Name if you want React to render your DOM correctly and efficiently.

UPDATE: I updated the example to toggle the Sidemenu on a button click. This is not necessary, but you can see how it would work. You might need to use "this.state" vs. "this.props" as I have shown. I'm used to working with Redux components.


  return {"showHideSidenav":"hidden"};

render() {
    return (
        <div className="header">
            <i className="border hide-on-small-and-down"></i>
            <div className="container">
                <a ref="btn" onClick={this.toggleSidenav.bind(this)} href="#" className="btn-menu show-on-small"><i></i></a>
                <Menu className="menu hide-on-small-and-down"/>
                <Sidenav className={this.props.showHideSidenav}/>

toggleSidenav() {
    var css = (this.props.showHideSidenav === "hidden") ? "show" : "hidden";

Now, when you toggle the state, the component will update and change the class name of the sidenav component. You can use CSS to show/hide the sidenav using the class names.

.hidden {

~ Answered on 2016-04-04 13:28:14

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