Is there an API to get bank transaction and bank balance?


I'm using CHASE bank. (Also Bank of America) and I want to get my bank transactions and my balance if I can. Is there an API for that? in PHP or JAVA? If so, please let me know how to get them.

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~ Asked on 2011-09-01 11:31:29

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Just a helpful hint, there is a company called who provides this data. They do charge for the API. Companies like use this API to gather bank and financial account data.

Also, checkout, they are a similar company and provide both authentication API for several banks and REST-based transaction fetching endpoints.

~ Answered on 2011-10-05 14:09:00


I use GNU Cash and it uses Open Financial Exchange (ofx) to download complete transactions and balances from each account of each bank.

Let me emphasize that again, you get a huge list of transactions with OFX into the GNU Cash. Depending on the account type these transactions can be very detailed description of your transactions (purchases+paycheques), investments, interests, etc.

In my case, even though I have Chase debit card I had to choose Chase Credit to make it work. But Chase wants you to enable this OFX feature by logging into your online banking and enable Quicken/MS Money/etc. somewhere in your profile or preferences. Don't call Chase customer support because they know nothing about it.

This service for OFX and GNU Cash is free. I have heard that they charge $10 a month for other platforms.

OFX can download transactions from 348 banks so far.

Actualy, OFX also supports making bill payments, stop a check, intrabank and interbank transfers etc. It is quite extensive. See it here:

~ Answered on 2012-10-22 03:58:18

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