How to hide a <option> in a <select> menu with CSS?


I've realized that Chrome, it seems, will not allow me to hide <option> in a <select>. Firefox will.

I need to hide the <option>s that match a search criteria. In the Chrome web tools I can see that they are correctly being set to display: none; by my JavaScript, but once then <select> menu is clicked they are shown.

How can I make these <option>s that match my search criteria NOT show when the menu is clicked? Thanks!

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~ Asked on 2012-02-10 21:09:22

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You have to implement two methods for hiding. display: none works for FF, but not Chrome or IE. So the second method is wrapping the <option> in a <span> with display: none. FF won't do it (technically invalid HTML, per the spec) but Chrome and IE will and it will hide the option.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I already implemented this in jQuery:

jQuery.fn.toggleOption = function( show ) {
    jQuery( this ).toggle( show );
    if( show ) {
        if( jQuery( this ).parent( 'span.toggleOption' ).length )
            jQuery( this ).unwrap( );
    } else {
        if( jQuery( this ).parent( 'span.toggleOption' ).length == 0 )
            jQuery( this ).wrap( '<span class="toggleOption" style="display: none;" />' );

EDIT 2: Here's how you would use this function:

jQuery(selector).toggleOption(true); // show option
jQuery(selector).toggleOption(false); // hide option

EDIT 3: Added extra check suggested by @user1521986

~ Answered on 2012-02-10 21:14:04


For HTML5, you can use the 'hidden' attribute.

<option hidden>Hidden option</option>

It is not supported by IE < 11. But if you need only to hide a few elements, maybe it would be better to just set the hidden attribute in combination with disabled in comparison to adding/removing elements or doing not semantically correct constructions.

<select>  _x000D_
  <option hidden>Hidden Option</option>_x000D_


~ Answered on 2014-07-01 18:13:13

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