[html] Turn off textarea resizing

I'm trying to turn off textarea resizing in my site; right now I'm using this method:

.textarea {
    min-width: 267px;
    max-width: 267px;

I know that my method is not correct and I'm searching for a better one in JavaScript. I'm a beginner, so the best solution for me will be HTML5 or jQuery.

This question is related to html textarea

The answer is

This is works for me

  style="resize: none"_x000D_
Some text_x000D_

It can done easy by just using html draggable attribute

<textarea name="mytextarea" draggable="false"></textarea>

Default value is true.

.textarea {
    resize: none;
    min-width: //-> Integer number of pixels
    min-height: //-> Integer number of pixels
    max-width: //-> min-width
    max-height: //-> min-height

above code works on most browsers

<textarea id='textarea' draggable='false'></textarea>

do both for it to work on the maximum number of browsers

As per the question, i have listed the answers in javascript

By Selecting TagName

document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0].style.resize = "none";

By Selecting Id

document.getElementById('textArea').style.resize = "none";

Just one extra option, if you want to revert the default behaviour for all textareas in the application, you could add the following to your CSS:

textarea:not([resize="true"]) {
  resize: none !important;

And do the following to enable where you want resizing:

<textarea resize="true"></textarea>

Have in mind this solution might not work in all browsers you may want to support. You can check the list of support for resize here: http://caniuse.com/#feat=css-resize

this will do your job


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CSS3 can solve this problem. Unfortunately it's only supported on 60% of used browsers nowadays.

For IE and iOS you can't turn off resizing but you can limit the textarea dimension by setting its width and height.

/* One can also turn on/off specific axis. Defaults to both on. */
textarea { resize:vertical; } /* none|horizontal|vertical|both */

See Demo