[javascript] Javascript receipt printing using POS Printer

In a web application I want to print a receipt using a POS (Point of Sale) Printer. I want to do that with Javascript. Can anyone provide me an example for that?

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The answer is

I printed form javascript to a Star Micronics Webprnt TSP 654ii thermal printer. This printer is a wired network printer and you can draw the content to a HTML canvas and make a HTTP request to print. The only caveat is that, this printer does not support HTTPS protocol yet, so you will get a mixed content warning in production. Contacted Star micronics support and they said, they are working on HTTPS support and soon a firmware upgrade will be available. Also, looks like Epson Omnilink TM-88V printer with TM-I will support javascript printing.

Here is a sample code: https://github.com/w3cloud/starwebprint

try Escpos for PHP POS printing use https://github.com/mike42/escpos-php

If you are talking about a browser based POS app then it basically can't be done out of the box. There are a number of alternatives.

  1. Use an applet like Scott Selby says
  2. Print from the server. If this is a cloud server, ie not connectable to the receipt printer then what you can do is
    • From the server generate it as a pdf which can be made to popup a print dialog in the browser
    • Use something like Google Cloud Print which will allow connecting printers to a cloud service

You could try using https://www.printnode.com which is essentially exactly the service that you are looking for. You download and install a desktop client onto the users computer - https://www.printnode.com/download. You can then discover and print to any printers on that user's computer using their JSON API https://www.printnode.com/docs/api/curl/. They have lots of libs here: https://github.com/PrintNode/


Links below about the posts written by David Kelley are broken.

There are cached versions of the repository, just add cache: before the URL in the Chrome Browser and hit enter.

This solution is only for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.


(*)The links are broken. Fortunately I found this repository that contains the source of the post in the following markdown files: A | B

This link* explains how to make a Javascript Interface for ESC/POS printers using Chrome/Chromium USB API (1)(2). This link* explains how to Connect to USB devices using the chrome.usb.* API.

I have recently implemented the receipt printing simply by pressing a button on a web page, without having to enter the printer options. I have done it using EPSON javascript SDK for ePOS. I have test it on EPSON TM-m30 receipt printer.

Here is the sample code.

var printer = null;
var ePosDev = null;

function InitMyPrinter() {
    console.log("Init Printer");

    var printerPort = 8008;
    var printerAddress = "";
    if (isSSL) {
        printerPort = 8043;
    ePosDev = new epson.ePOSDevice();
    ePosDev.connect(printerAddress, printerPort, cbConnect);

function cbConnect(data) {
    if (data == 'OK' || data == 'SSL_CONNECT_OK') {
        ePosDev.createDevice('local_printer', ePosDev.DEVICE_TYPE_PRINTER,
            {'crypto': false, 'buffer': false}, cbCreateDevice_printer);
    } else {

function cbCreateDevice_printer(devobj, retcode) {
    if (retcode == 'OK') {
        printer = devobj;
        printer.timeout = 60000;
        printer.onreceive = function (res) { //alert(res.success);
            console.log("Printer Object Created");

        printer.oncoveropen = function () { //alert('coveropen');
            console.log("Printer Cover Open");

    } else {
        isRegPrintConnected = false;

function print(salePrintObj) {
    if (isRegPrintConnected == false
        || printer == null) {
    console.log("Printing Started");

    printer.addLayout(printer.LAYOUT_RECEIPT, 800, 0, 0, 0, 35, 0);

    printer.addTextDouble(true, true);
    printer.addText(CompanyName + '\n');

    printer.addTextDouble(false, false);
    printer.addText(CompanyHeader + '\n');

    printer.addText('DATE: ' + currentDate + '\t\t');

    printer.addText('TIME: ' + currentTime + '\n');


    printer.addText('REGISTER: ' + RegisterName + '\n');
    printer.addText('SALE # ' + SaleNumber + '\n');

    printer.addTextStyle(false, false, true, printer.COLOR_1);
    printer.addTextStyle(false, false, false, printer.COLOR_1);
    printer.addTextDouble(false, true);
    printer.addText('* SALE RECEIPT *\n');
    printer.addTextDouble(false, false);


Maybe you could have a look at this if your printer is an epson. There is a javascript driver



Previous link seems to be broken

All details about how to use epos of epson are on epson website:


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