How to stop mongo DB in one command

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Starting and Stopping MongoDB is covered in the MongoDB manual. It explains the various options of stopping MongoDB through the shell, cli, drivers etc. It also details the risks of incorrectly stopping MongoDB (such as data corruption) and talks about the different kill signals.

Additionally, if you have installed MongoDB using a package manager for Ubuntu or Debian then you can stop mongodb (currently mongod in ubuntu) as follows:

  • Upstart: sudo service mongod stop

  • Sysvinit: sudo /etc/init.d/mongod stop

Or on Mac OS X

Or on Red Hat based systems:

  • service mongod stop

Or on Windows if you have installed as a service named MongoDB:

  • net stop MongoDB

And if not installed as a service (as of Windows 7+) you can run:

  • taskkill /f /im mongod.exe

To learn more about the problems of an unclean shutdown, how to best avoid such a scenario and what to do in the event of an unclean shutdown, please see: Recover Data after an Unexpected Shutdown.

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