Connect Device to Mac localhost Server?


How do I allow any device, e.g., iPhone, to connect over a WLAN to my Mac's localhost server?

On my Mac, I'm running a "Hello World" HTTP Node.js server that serves a page, which Safari opens successfully, at http://localhost:1337. And, running ipconfig getifaddr en1 in Terminal outputs

But, Safari, on both iPhone & Mac, displays "Safari can't connect to the server" when it tries to open

I don't think this should involve port forwarding because I only want the HTTP server to be available privately, not publicly.


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~ Asked on 2012-09-30 00:24:42

The Best Answer is


Have your server listen on instead of localhost.

~ Answered on 2012-09-30 00:25:16


I had the same problem. I turned off my WI-FI on my Mac and then turned it on again, which solved the problem. Click Settings > Turn WI-FI Off.

I tested it by going to Safari on my iPhone and entering my host name or IP address. For example: http://<name>.local or

~ Answered on 2014-09-26 18:14:40

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