uncaught syntaxerror unexpected token U JSON


I get this error "uncaught syntaxerror unexpected token U" when I run my page in chrome. And in firefox I get, "JSON.parse: unexpected character". I'm returning the json data from a php file and the returning json string is valid. I checked it with http://jsonlint.com/ . Any help would be appreciated... Thanks.

Here's the returned JSON string

    ["1","Pan Africa Market","\"1521 1st Ave, Seattle, WA\"","47.608941","-122.340145","restaurant"],
    ["2","The Melting Pot","14 Mercer St, Seattle, WA","47.624562","-122.356442","restaurant"],
    ["3","Ipanema Grill","1225 1st Ave, Seattle, WA","47.606366","-122.337656","restaurant"],
    ["4","Sake House","230 1st Ave, Seattle, WA","47.612825","-122.34567","bar"],
    ["5","Crab Pot","1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA","47.605961","-122.34036","restaurant"],
    ["6","Mexican Kitchen","2234 2nd Ave, Seattle,WA","47.613975","-122.345467","bar"],
    ["7","Wingdome","1416 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA","47.617215","-122.326584","bar"],
    ["8","Piroshky Piroshky","1908 Pike pl, Seattle, WA","47.610127","-122.342838","restaurant"]

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~ Asked on 2012-10-23 01:00:11

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That error is normally seen when the value given to JSON.parse is actually undefined. So, I would check the code that is trying to parse this - most likely you are not parsing the actual string shown here.

~ Answered on 2012-10-23 02:00:58


I was getting this message while validating (in MVC project). For me, adding ValidationMessageFor element fixed the issue.

To be precise, line number 43 in jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js caused the issue:

  replace = $.parseJSON(container.attr("data-valmsg-replace")) !== false;

~ Answered on 2015-10-13 13:51:40

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