[python] import httplib ImportError: No module named httplib

I got this error when run test.py

C:\Python32>python.exe test.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "test.py", line 5, in <module>
    import httplib
ImportError: No module named httplib

How to correct it?

Code block for test.py:


import httplib
import sys
import re
from HTMLParser import HTMLParser

class miniHTMLParser( HTMLParser ):

  viewedQueue = []
  instQueue = []

  def get_next_link( self ):
    if self.instQueue == []:
      return ''
      return self.instQueue.pop(0)

  def gethtmlfile( self, site, page ):
      httpconn = httplib.HTTPConnection(site)
      httpconn.request("GET", page)
      resp = httpconn.getresponse()
      resppage = resp.read()
      resppage = ""

    return resppage

  def handle_starttag( self, tag, attrs ):
    if tag == 'a':
      newstr = str(attrs[0][1])
      if re.search('http', newstr) == None:
        if re.search('mailto', newstr) == None:
          if re.search('htm', newstr) != None:
            if (newstr in self.viewedQueue) == False:
              print ("  adding", newstr)
              self.instQueue.append( newstr )
              self.viewedQueue.append( newstr )
            print ("  ignoring", newstr)
          print ("  ignoring", newstr)
        print ("  ignoring", newstr)

def main():

  if sys.argv[1] == '':
    print ("usage is ./minispider.py site link")

  mySpider = miniHTMLParser()

  link = sys.argv[2]

  while link != '':

    print ("\nChecking link ", link)

    # Get the file from the site and link
    retfile = mySpider.gethtmlfile( sys.argv[1], link )

    # Feed the file into the HTML parser

    # Search the retfile here

    # Get the next link in level traversal order
    link = mySpider.get_next_link()


  print ("\ndone\n")

if __name__ == "__main__":

This question is related to python python-3.x

The answer is

You are running Python 2 code on Python 3. In Python 3, the module has been renamed to http.client.

You could try to run the 2to3 tool on your code, and try to have it translated automatically. References to httplib will automatically be rewritten to use http.client instead.

If you use PyCharm, please change you 'Project Interpreter' to '2.7.x'

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I had this issue when I was trying to make my Docker container smaller. It was because I'd installed Python 2.7 with:

apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends python

And I should not have included the --no-install-recommends flag:

apt-get install -y python