[asp.net] IIS - can't access page by ip address instead of localhost

I'm trying to publish ClickOnce application and test it locally. I want to provide installation link so I need to update location with an IP address otherwise I won't be able to install it (because localhost is translated into computer name and it's not accessible). The problem is, that on my IIS I can access my page only by using localhost in the address.

http://localhost:9995/publish/Publish.htm <-- working <-- not working (my IP address)
http://my_pc_name:9995/publish/Publish.htm <-- not working <-- even that is not working

I'm using Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2012 with IIS Express 8.0, but I tried the same on Visual Studio 2010 and it's ASP.NET server and still failed. I have my firewall turned off.

Do you have any ideas what can be wrong?

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The answer is

Check the settings of the browser proxy . For me it helped , traffic was directed outside.

Try with disabling Windows Firewall, it worked for me, but in my case, I was able to access IIS through

I was trying to access my web pages on specific port number and tried much things, but I've found the port was filtered by firewall. Just added a bypass rule and everything was done.

Maybe help someone!

Maybe it helps someone too:)

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IIS webpage by using IP address

In IIS Management : Choose Site, then Bindings.


  • Type : http
  • HostName : Empty
  • Port : 80
  • IP Address : Choose from drop-down menu the IP you need (usually there is only one IP)

In my case it was because I was using a port other than the default port 80. I was able to access the site locally using localhost but not on another machine using the IP address.

To solve the issue I had to add a firewall inbound rule to allow the port. enter image description here

The IIS is a multi web site server. The way is distinct the site is by the host header name. So you need to setup that on your web site.

Here is the steps that you need to follow:

How to configure multiple IIS websites to access using host headers?

In general, open your web site properties, locate the Ip Address and near its there is the advanced, "multiple identities for this web site". There you need ether to add all income to this site with a star: "*", ether place the names you like to work with.

Follow the below steps -

  1. In IIS Right click the "Default Web Site"
  2. Click Edit Buildings in the context menu
  3. Select and edit
  4. Give your machine IP instead of "*" in IP Address

In IIS Manager, I added a binding to the site specifying the IP address. Previously, all my bindings were host names.

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