How to restart a rails server on Heroku?

The Solution to How to restart a rails server on Heroku? is

The answer was:

heroku restart -a app_name

# The -a is the same as --app

Easily aliased with alias hra='heroku restart --app '
Which you can make a permanent alias by adding it to your .bashrc or .bash_aliases file as described at: and
Creating permanent executable aliases
Then you can just type hra app_name

You can restart a specific remote, e.g. "staging" with:

heroku restart -a app_name -r remote_name

Alternatively if you are in the root directory of your rails application you can just type

heroku restart

to restart that app and and you can create an easy alias for that with

alias hr='heroku restart'`

You can place these aliases in your .bashrc file or (preferred) in a .bash_aliases file which is called from .bashrc

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