[ruby-on-rails] How to restart a rails server on Heroku?

Locally I just interrupt (ctrl-c) and then start it again.

How do I do the same thing with an app on heroku?

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The answer is

heroku ps:restart [web|worker] --app app_name

works for all processes declared in your Procfile. So if you have multiple web processes or worker processes, each labeled with a number, you can selectively restart one of them:

heroku ps:restart web.2 --app app_name
heroku ps:restart worker.3 --app app_name

Go into your application directory on terminal and run following command:

heroku restart

If you have several heroku apps, you must type heroku restart --app app_name or heroku restart -a app_name

Just type the following commands from console.

cd /your_project
heroku restart

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