[unix] AWK to print field $2 first, then field $1

Here is the input(sample):

[email protected]|com.emailclient.account
[email protected]|com.socialsite.auth.account

I'm trying to achieve this:

Emailclient [email protected]
Socialsite [email protected]

If I use AWK like this:

cat foo | awk 'BEGIN{FS="|"} {print $2 " " $1}'

it messes up the output by overlaying field 1 on the top of field 2.

Any tips/suggestions? Thank you.

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The answer is

A couple of general tips (besides the DOS line ending issue):

cat is for concatenating files, it's not the only tool that can read files! If a command doesn't read files then use redirection like command < file.

You can set the field separator with the -F option so instead of:

cat foo | awk 'BEGIN{FS="|"} {print $2 " " $1}' 


awk -F'|' '{print $2" "$1}' foo 

This will output:

com.emailclient.account [email protected]
com.socialsite.auth.accoun [email protected]

To get the desired output you could do a variety of things. I'd probably split() the second field:

awk -F'|' '{split($2,a,".");print a[2]" "$1}' file
emailclient [email protected]
socialsite [email protected]

Finally to get the first character converted to uppercase is a bit of a pain in awk as you don't have a nice built in ucfirst() function:

awk -F'|' '{split($2,a,".");print toupper(substr(a[2],1,1)) substr(a[2],2),$1}' file
Emailclient [email protected]
Socialsite [email protected]

If you want something more concise (although you give up a sub-process) you could do:

awk -F'|' '{split($2,a,".");print a[2]" "$1}' file | sed 's/^./\U&/'
Emailclient [email protected]
Socialsite [email protected]

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