[javascript] How to correctly iterate through getElementsByClassName

I am Javascript beginner.

I am initing web page via the window.onload, I have to find bunch of elements by their class name (slide) and redistribute them into different nodes based on some logic. I have function Distribute(element) which takes an element as input and does the distribution. I want to do something like this (as outlined for example here or here):

var slides = getElementsByClassName("slide");
for(var i = 0; i < slides.length; i++)

however this does not do the magic for me, because getElementsByClassName does not actually return array, but a NodeList, which is...

...this is my speculation...

...being changed inside function Distribute (the DOM tree is being changed inside this function, and cloning of certain nodes happen). For-each loop structure does not help either.

The variable slides act's really un-deterministicaly, through every iteration it changes it's length and order of elements wildly.

What is the correct way to iterate through NodeList in my case? I was thinking about filling some temporary array, but am not sure how to do that...


important fact I forgot to mention is that there might be one slide inside another, this is actually what changes the slides variable as I have just found out thanks to user Alohci.

The solution for me was to clone each element into an array first and pass the array ono-by-one into Distribute() afterwards.

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The answer is

You could always use array methods:

var slides = getElementsByClassName("slide");
Array.prototype.forEach.call(slides, function(slide, index) {

If you use the new querySelectorAll you can call forEach directly.

document.querySelectorAll('.edit').forEach(function(button) {
    // Now do something with my button

Per the comment below. nodeLists do not have a forEach function.

If using this with babel you can add Array.from and it will convert non node lists to a forEach array. Array.from does not work natively in browsers below and including IE 11.

Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('.edit')).forEach(function(button) {
    // Now do something with my button

At our meetup last night I discovered another way to handle node lists not having forEach

[...document.querySelectorAll('.edit')].forEach(function(button) {
    // Now do something with my button

Browser Support for [...]

Showing as Node List

Showing as Node List

Showing as Array

Showing as Array

I had a similar issue with the iteration and I landed here. Maybe someone else is also doing the same mistake I did.

In my case, the selector was not the problem at all. The problem was that I had messed up the javascript code: I had a loop and a subloop. The subloop was also using i as a counter, instead of j, so because the subloop was overriding the value of i of the main loop, this one never got to the second iteration.

var dayContainers = document.getElementsByClassName('day-container');
for(var i = 0; i < dayContainers.length; i++) { //loop of length = 2
        var thisDayDiv = dayContainers[i];
        // do whatever

        var inputs = thisDayDiv.getElementsByTagName('input');

        for(var j = 0; j < inputs.length; j++) { //loop of length = 4
            var thisInput = inputs[j];
            // do whatever



I followed Alohci's recommendation of looping in reverse because it's a live nodeList. Here's what I did for those who are curious...

  var activeObjects = documents.getElementsByClassName('active'); // a live nodeList

  //Use a reverse-loop because the array is an active NodeList
  while(activeObjects.length > 0) {
    var lastElem = activePaths[activePaths.length-1]; //select the last element

    //Remove the 'active' class from the element.  
    //This will automatically update the nodeList's length too.
    var className = lastElem.getAttribute('class').replace('active','');
    lastElem.setAttribute('class', className);

 <!--something like this--> 

<!-- i've used for loop...this pointer takes current element to apply a 
 particular change on it ...other elements take change by else condition 

<div class="classname" onclick="myFunction(this);">first</div>  
<div class="classname" onclick="myFunction(this);">second</div>

function myFunction(p) {
 var x = document.getElementsByClassName("classname");
 var i;
 for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {
    if(x[i] == p)

<!--this script will only work for a class with onclick event but if u want 
to use all class of same name then u can use querySelectorAll() ...-->

var variable_name=document.querySelectorAll('.classname');
for(var i=0;i<variable_name.length;i++){
variable_name[i].(--your option--);

 <!--if u like to divide it on some logic apply it inside this for loop 
 using your nodelist-->


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