[git] Changing the git user inside Visual Studio Code

The user for my git commits has changed, but I am not able to change that inside of Visual Studio Code.

I changed the global settings in git, but when I want to push or sync via Visual Studio Code inside my new repos I get the error that the oldusername has not the permission to push into newrepository. At this point it is not the permission. The change of the username did not work for visual studio code. When I use the terminal I can push. It is also not a solution to allow the olduser to push to the newrepository.

I am on Windows 10. So all other tools are working, but just at Visual Studio Code I was not able to change the user.

Any recomondations are welcome.

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The answer is

I resolved this issue by setting an email address in Git:

git config --global user.email "[email protected]"

Generally VSCode uses the github credentials from system's credential manager, it doesn't store anywhere in the settings. As question says Changing the git user inside Visual Studio Code, is not inside rather outside.

Search for or Go to credential manager (Windows control panel) -> Windows Credentials -> Update the GitHub password from the list.

I had the same problem as Daniel, setting the commit address and unsetting the credentials helper also worked for me.

git config --global user.email '<git-commit-address>'
git config --global --unset credential.helper

Press Ctrl + Shift + G in Visual Studio Code and go to more and select Show git output. Click Terminal and type git remote -v and verify that the origin branch has latest username in it like:

origin [email protected]:DroidPulkit/Facebook-Chat-Bot.git (fetch)

origin [email protected]:DroidPulkit/Facebook-Chat-Bot.git (push)

Here DroidPulkit is my username.

If the username is not what you wanted it to be then change it with:

git add remote origin [email protected]:newUserName/RepoName.git

You can view all of your settings and where they are coming from using:

git config --list --show-origin

Delete the unwanted credentials from the directory and then VSCode ask you for the next time you perform git operation.

This could be because of the reason that the credentials are saved and you need to update those credentials and you can do that by following the below steps

control panel-> credential manager ->under generic credential you will be able to see the credentials related to git

Try to update them if that does not work delete them and add new ones

for other platforms or different versions of the operating system you need to find out where the credentails are saved related to git and update them.

There is a conflict between Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Code for the git credentials. When i changed my credentials on VS 2015 VS Code let me push with the correct git ID.

From VSCode Commande Palette select :

GitHub Pull Requests : Sign out of GitHub.

Then Sign in with your new credential.

from within the vscode terminal,

git remote set-url origin https://<your github username>:<your password>@github.com/<your github username>/<your github repository name>.git

for the quickest, but not so encouraged way.

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