[html] How to load image (and other assets) in Angular an project?

I'm pretty new to Angular so I'm not sure the best practice to do this.

I used angular-cli and ng new some-project to generate a new app.

In it created an "images" folder in the "assets" folder, so now my images folder is src/assets/images

In app.component.html (which is the root of my application), I put

<img class="img-responsive" src="assets/images/myimage.png">

When I do ng serve to view my web application, the image does not display.

What is the best practice to load up images in an Angular application?

EDIT: See answer below. My actual image name was using spaces, which Angular did not like. When I removed the spaces in the file name, the image displayed correctly.

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The answer is

Angular-cli includes the assets folder in the build options by default. I got this issue when the name of my images had spaces or dashes. For example :

  • 'my-image-name.png' should be 'myImageName.png'
  • 'my image name.png' should be 'myImageName.png'

If you put the image in the assets/img folder, then this line of code should work in your templates :

<img alt="My image name" src="./assets/img/myImageName.png">

If the issue persist just check if your Angular-cli config file and be sure that your assets folder is added in the build options.

It is always dependent on where is your html file that refers to the path of the static resource (in this case the image).

Example A:


As you can see, yourpage.html is one folder away from the root (src folder), for this reason it needs one amount of ../ to go back to the root then you can walk to the image from root:

<img class="img-responsive" src="../assests/images/myimage.png">

Example B:


Here you have to go u in the tree by 2 folders:

<img class="img-responsive" src="../../assests/images/myimage.png">

Normally "app" is the root of your application -- have you tried app/path/to/assets/img.png?

In my project I am using the following syntax in my app.component.html:

<img src="/assets/img/1.jpg" alt="image">


<img src='http://mruanova.com/img/1.jpg' alt='image'>

use [src] as a template expression when you are binding a property using interpolation:

<img [src]="imagePath" />

is the same as:

<img src={{imagePath}} />

Source: how to bind img src in angular 2 in ngFor?

1 . Add this line on top in component.

declare var require: any

2 . add this line in your component class.

imgname= require("../images/imgname.png");
  1. add this 'imgname' in img src tag on html page.

    <img src={{imgname}} alt="">

Being specific to Angular2 to 5, we can bind image path using property binding as below. Image path is enclosed by the single quotation marks.

Sample example

<img [src]="'assets/img/klogo.png'" alt="image">

for me "I" was capital in "Images". which also angular-cli didn't like. so it is also case sensitive.

Some web servers like IIS don't have problem with that, if angular application is hosted in IIS, case sensitive is not a problem.

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