[crystal-reports] How to integrate SAP Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2017

Is it possible to use the report designer in the current release of Visual Studio 2017?

The SAP crystal report wiki for visual studio integration only states: "RC build currently not supported - Tested opening existing app and it works".

I have installed the latest developer SDK (Support Pack 19 v., but when I try to open an existing report (.rpt), i got the following message:

There is no editor available for 'C:...\Report.rpt'.

Make sure the application for the file type (.rpt) is installed.

EDIT (2018/02/28)

By the time of asking this question I had installed SP19 on my machine. The current version which should resolve all my issues is SP22, which was released at 2018/01/11. All necessary information and download links are still available in the SAP crystal report wiki.

EDIT (2019/03/20)

Thanks to @ANewGuyInTown: The current version is 13.0.24.

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The answer is

Visual Studio 2017 is supported in Crystal Reports SP 21, which is available for download as of 1 Sep 2017.

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