[json] REST API - Use the "Accept: application/json" HTTP Header

When I make a request, I get a response in XML, but what I need is JSON. In the doc it is stated in order to get a JSON in return: Use the Accept: application/json HTTP Header.

Where do I find the HTTP Header to put Accept: application/json inside?

My guess is it is not suppose to be inside the URL-request, which looks like:


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The answer is

Here's a handy site to test out your headers. You can see your browser headers and also use cURL to reflect back whatever headers you send.

For example, you can validate the content negotiation like this.

This Accept header prefers plain text so returns in that format:-

$ curl -H "Accept: application/json;q=0.9,text/plain" http://gethttp.info/Accept

Whereas this one prefers JSON and so returns in that format:-

$ curl -H "Accept: application/json,text/*;q=0.99" http://gethttp.info/Accept
   "Accept": "application/json,text/*;q=0.99"

Basically I use Fiddler or Postman for testing API's.

In fiddler, in request header you need to specify instead of xml, html you need to change it to json. Eg: Accept: application/json. That should do the job.

Well Curl could be a better option for json representation but in that case it would be difficult to understand the structure of json because its in command line. if you want to get your json on browser you simply remove all the XML Annotations like -


from your model class and than run the same url, you have used for xml representation.

Make sure that you have jacson-databind dependency in your pom.xml


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