[gradle] Using gradle to find dependency tree

Is it possible to use gradle to produce a tree of what depends on what?

I have a project and would like to find out all the dependencies so I may be able to prune it a little with forward declarations etc.

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The answer is

For Android, use this line

 gradle app:dependencies

or if you have a gradle wrapper:

./gradlew app:dependencies

where app is your project module.

Additionally, if you want to check if something is compile vs. testCompile vs androidTestCompile dependency as well as what is pulling it in:

./gradlew :app:dependencyInsight --configuration compile --dependency <name>
./gradlew :app:dependencyInsight --configuration testCompile --dependency <name>
./gradlew :app:dependencyInsight --configuration androidTestCompile --dependency <name>

If the application doesn't use modules, try:

gradle dependencies

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