ESLint not working in VS Code?


ESLint is not working for me in VS Code. I have the plugin installed in VS Code, and ESLint itself as a developer dependency in my package.json, which I have installed as well.

I modified the following option in the VS Code User Settings:

  "eslint.options": { "configFile": "C:/mypath" }

I have use the command eslint --init to add the basic .eslintrc.json to the main directory of my package.

Other people were able to get ESLint feedback from VS Code using the exact same package with the exact same ESLint config file.

I have received no feedback of any kind when directly breaking multiple rules that were all included in the recommended rule set that is by default inside of the .eslintrc.json file.

What am I missing?

Edit: I have tested using ESLint via command line, and everything worked as expected, with the errors found where they should have, however, these same errors never showed up in VS Code. The issue seems to be on VS Code's side and not ESLint.

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~ Asked on 2017-07-14 02:09:09

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If ESLint is running in the terminal but not inside VSCode, it is probably because the extension is unable to detect both the local and the global node_modules folders.

To verify, press Ctrl+Shift+U in VSCode to open the Output panel after opening a JavaScript file with a known eslint issue. If it shows Failed to load the ESLint library for the document {documentName}.js -or- if the Problems tab shows an error or a warning that refers to eslint, then VSCode is having a problem trying to detect the path.

If yes, then set it manually by configuring the eslint.nodePath in the VSCode settings (settings.json). Give it the full path (for example, like "eslint.nodePath": "C:\\Program Files\\nodejs",) -- using environment variables is currently not supported.
This option has been documented at the ESLint extension page.

~ Answered on 2017-10-29 11:06:24


In my case, since I was using TypeScript with React, the fix was simply to tell ESLint to also validate these files. This needs to go in your user settings:

"eslint.validate": [ "javascript", "javascriptreact", "html", "typescriptreact" ],

~ Answered on 2019-04-05 15:26:16

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