[javascript] How to find the day, month and year with moment.js


How do I find the month, year and day with moment.js given the date format above?

var check = moment(n.entry.date_entered).format("YYYY/MM/DD");
var month = check.getUTCMonth();
var day = check.entry.date_entered.getUTCDate();
var year = check.entry.date_entered.getUTCFullYear();

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The answer is

I know this has already been answered, but I stumbled across this question and went down the path of using format, which works, but it returns them as strings when I wanted integers.

I just realized that moment comes with date, month and year methods that return the actual integers for each method.

moment().month()  // jan=0, dec=11

Here's an example that you could use :

 var myDateVariable= moment("01/01/2019").format("dddd Do MMMM YYYY")
  • dddd : Full day Name

  • Do : day of the Month

  • MMMM : Full Month name

  • YYYY : 4 digits Year

For more informations :


If you are looking for answer in string values , try this

var check = moment('date/utc format');
day = check.format('dddd') // => ('Monday' , 'Tuesday' ----)
month = check.format('MMMM') // => ('January','February.....)
year = check.format('YYYY') // => ('2012','2013' ...)  

I am getting day, month and year using dedicated functions moment().date(), moment().month() and moment().year() of momentjs.

let day = moment('2014-07-28', 'YYYY/MM/DD').date();_x000D_
let month = 1 + moment('2014-07-28', 'YYYY/MM/DD').month();_x000D_
let year = moment('2014-07-28', 'YYYY/MM/DD').year();_x000D_
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/moment.js/2.22.1/moment.min.js"></script>

I don't know why there are 48 upvotes for @Chris Schmitz answer which is not 100% correct.

Month is in form of array and starts from 0 so to get exact value we should use 1 + moment().month()