How to save RecyclerView's scroll position using RecyclerView.State?

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Starting from recyclerview:1.2.0-alpha02 release StateRestorationPolicy has been introduced. It could be a better approach to the given problem.

This topic has been covered on android developers medium article.

Also, @rubén-viguera shared more details in the answer below.

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If you are using LinearLayoutManager, it comes with pre-built save api linearLayoutManagerInstance.onSaveInstanceState() and restore api linearLayoutManagerInstance.onRestoreInstanceState(...)

With that, you can save the returned parcelable to your outState. e.g.,

outState.putParcelable("KeyForLayoutManagerState", linearLayoutManagerInstance.onSaveInstanceState());

, and restore restore position with the state you saved. e.g,

Parcelable state = savedInstanceState.getParcelable("KeyForLayoutManagerState");

To wrap all up, your final code will look something like

private static final String BUNDLE_RECYCLER_LAYOUT = "classname.recycler.layout";

 * This is a method for Fragment. 
 * You can do the same in onCreate or onRestoreInstanceState
public void onViewStateRestored(@Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    if(savedInstanceState != null)
        Parcelable savedRecyclerLayoutState = savedInstanceState.getParcelable(BUNDLE_RECYCLER_LAYOUT);

public void onSaveInstanceState(Bundle outState) {
    outState.putParcelable(BUNDLE_RECYCLER_LAYOUT, recyclerView.getLayoutManager().onSaveInstanceState());

Edit: You can also use the same apis with the GridLayoutManager, as it is a subclass of LinearLayoutManager. Thanks @wegsehen for the suggestion.

Edit: Remember, if you are also loading data in a background thread, you will need to a call to onRestoreInstanceState within your onPostExecute/onLoadFinished method for the position to be restored upon orientation change, e.g.

protected void onPostExecute(ArrayList<Movie> movies) {
    if (movies != null) {
        } else {

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